• Our Market ONLY allows the use of containers that are recyclable and or compostable (bags, utensils, napkins, etc.) NO EXCEPTIONS! Contact us for recommended suppliers. Any infraction will be considered a strike against returning.
  • Your personal waste should be separated properly and emptied into either the Market compost or recycle bins. Lead by example & do NOT throw recyclables in the trash! Cardboard should be flattened and stacked next to the Recycle Trailer.
  • Products NOT produced in Montana must have a sign stating where they came from.
  • Dogs are allowed in the park, but have to be on leashes. Vendors are NOT allowed to bring their dogs.
  • ONLY Whisper Quiet Generators are allowed & ONLY upon Market Approval!
  • Booth Sharing: a maximum of (2) vendors can share one 10’ x 10’ Market Booth We run a “3 STRIKES, you are OUT Policy”– meaning, if any of the above mentioned is not respected & adhered to, one would then receive a strike against them per violation. If one was to get 3 STRIKES in one season, they would then forfeit their booth & fee and possibly not be invited back to participate the following year. We play the game “Courteous to Others” at this Market.