Vendor Registration

Become a vendor in Bozeman’s own Farmer’s Market! The market is a place for
families and friends to gather, socialize, support local and share in a fun-filled
community environment! The Market Creatives commit a portion of the Markets
revenues to the preservation and improvements of all Bozeman Parks.

Tuesdays, June 16th – September 8th, 2020
Set-up starts: 3pm
Market Hours: 5-8pm
Market Location: Lindley Park, 900 East Main Street, Bozeman, MT

How to Join



We accept applications year-round for new vendors at the market.



Please fill out the application below or contact us for more info.



We will review and make sure that your service is a good fit for the market.

Want to Fill In?

Email Wait List

Email Wait List

We will email you if an opening becomes available for a specific day.


Market Day Lottery

Names drawn from a hat the day of the market to fill empty booths.

Market Day Lottery: On Tuesdays, starting at 3:30pm, we start taking names. Each person writes their name and cell # on a piece of paper and puts it in the “lottery basket”. Then, starting at 4:00pm, we draw names from the basket and assign available booths. You will need to be in attendance at 4:00pm to receive a booth. Please understand that there is no guarantee that all lottery participants will get a booth. Every day is different and is dependent on how many people apply for the lottery that day and the number of last minute cancellations we have.

Please make sure you have the Vendor Contract Form all filled out.

Please Read

To make sure that you qualify for the market, Please read each of the following sections.

Market Fees

  • All fees are NOT refundable.
  • ALL booths are filled into certain categories with a limited number of booths available for each category
  • Each booth space is 10’ x 10’- if more than one booth is needed to fit your trailer, tent, etc., you will be charged another booth fee/each 10’x10’ requested
  • Kid/Booth – 5ft space & limited # available – ages 16 & under only – $5/week/booth = $65.00
  • Farmer/Grower Booth – CONTACT MARKET TO VERIFY – $20/week/booth = $260.00
  • Art-Craft Booth – discounted for seniors over 65 & non-profits – $20/week/booth = $260.00
  • Art-Craft Booth – $25/week/booth = $325.00
  • Food/Booth – discounted for seniors over 65 & non-profits – $25/week/booth = $325.00
  • Food/Booth – packaged items only, CONTACT MARKET TO VERIFY – $30/week/booth = $390.00
  • Food/Booth – Dinner items, CONTACT MARKET TO VERIFY – $35/week/booth = $455.00


  • (1) Week (or more) notice is required when you will not be at the Market.
  • A vendor CANNOT give their booth away! ONLY the Market Directors have the right to reassign booths.
  • (2) Excused Absences are allowed. 3rd Absence will constitute a documented strike against returning.
  • Early Exit Option: No September – this is only acceptable if communicated at the beginning of the Season.


  • The Lindley Park Parking lot is ONLY for our customers, NOT for Vendor parking!
  • Ask Market Directors for Vendor parking locations.


  • You are responsible for your own display (Mandatory Tent, Tables and chairs are not supplied).
  • Vendors are not allowed to arrive at the Market place before 2:30pm.
  • Enter or Exit the Market Area from the Entrance designated to you by the Market Management. Cars are only allowed in the Market designated area to drive to your booth & park behind your booth location.
  • All cars should be turned off while loading or unloading. Do not park in the middle of the aisles. Be courteous to others that have to get by. Vehicles are not allowed to enter past 4:30pm. No driving or parking on any grass in the park outside of our allowed location without permission from the Market Director. Any infraction will be considered a strike against returning.
  • Check-in by 4:00pm (or earlier) with a Market Representative assisting with load-in or at the Market INFO Booth. Booth spaces will be reassigned to a “walk-in” vendor if this is not done on time!


  • The Market ends at 8:00pm. NO driving allowed in the Market Area prior to 8:15pm. This allows patrons to have time to exit the Market Area.
  • Your both must be packed, stacked and loaded before you turn on your vehicle.
  • Each vendor is responsible for cleaning up any waste around their booth area leaving it cleaner than when they arrived.

Food Vendors

Health Department Regulations at this Market apply to ALL vendors.
You are required to fill out a “Farmers’ Market Health Form” from the Gallatin County Health Department. After receiving confirmation from the Health Dept., you will be able to register with the Bogert Farmers’ Market. Always carry a copy of the form or food service license and make it available on-site at the Market.


  • Our Market ONLY allows the use of containers that are recyclable and or compostable (bags, utensils, napkins, etc.) NO EXCEPTIONS! Contact us for recommended suppliers. Any infraction will be considered a strike against returning.
  • Your personal waste should be separated properly and emptied into either the Market compost or recycle bins. Lead by example & do NOT throw recyclables in the trash! Cardboard should be flattened and stacked next to the Recycle Trailer.
  • Products NOT produced in Montana must have a sign stating where they came from.
  • Dogs are allowed in the park, but have to be on leashes. Vendors are NOT allowed to bring their dogs.
  • ONLY Whisper Quiet Generators are allowed & ONLY upon Market Approval!
  • Booth Sharing: a maximum of (2) vendors can share one 10’ x 10’ Market Booth We run a “3 STRIKES, you are OUT Policy”– meaning, if any of the above mentioned is not respected & adhered to, one would then receive a strike against them per violation. If one was to get 3 STRIKES in one season, they would then forfeit their booth & fee and possibly not be invited back to participate the following year. We play the game “Courteous to Others” at this Market.

Terms & Conditions

  • I/we have read and agree to abide by the Bozeman Farmers’ Market Regulations and Contract.
  • I/we will make sure that anyone assisting me with my booth will also follow these Regulations and Contract.
  • I /we agree to treat fellow vendors, customers & Market Directors with respect and courtesy & have fun!
  • I /we understand that the Market follows the guidelines of the City of Bozeman’s zero tolerance for Bullying.
  • I/we the applicant(s) have read the “Conditions of the Show” above and agree to abide by said conditions. In addition,
  • I/we, the applicant(s), do expressly release the Producer (Friends of Parks, Bogert Farmers’ Market and its staff and volunteers) and the City of Bozeman from any and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person, business or property, which may arise from the licensing and occupation of the exhibit space by the applicant(s).
  • I/we agree to hold and save the Producer and owner of the show sites harmless of any damage, injury or loss by reason thereof. I/we understand that the fee is not refundable. I/we give permission to use my name, business name, slide/image descriptions, item prices, photographs, videotape, or images of my items or me for any and all purposes.
  • I/we understand that this Contract is for the safety & success of the Market.
  • I /we realize that if I do not follow these rules, I am thus, choosing to forfeit my booth!

Vendor Registration Form